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WP Tasty is a boutique ecommerce company selling WordPress plugins for food bloggers. From its genesis in 2017 through mid-2019 my primary role was product management for the three WordPress plugins we sold. The other part of my role was web development for the sales website.

An underserved demographic

Online recipe publishing is a surprisingly popular and lucrative business, though it’s not for the faint of heart. Bloggers pour incredible amounts of time into their recipes and websites, yet the most popular recipes plugins were slow, poorly constructed, feature-poor, and lacking decent support.

Through our interaction with recipe bloggers on the Food Blogger Pro forums, we saw a need for a recipe plugin that met the needs of these hardworking publishers, and we set out to build it.


Like most good products, we set out to create a product that served our needs. Pinch of Yum, an incredibly popular food blog, is a sister company of Food Blogger Pro and WP Tasty and felt the same pains in dealing with other recipe plugins that I described above.

We sat down with the Pinch of Yum team to find out what exactly caused problems with the existing solutions, and then we built the better version ourselves. We opened it up for sale – at first to a few customers to get their feedback – and then to the public when it was ready for prime time.

The recipe plugin, Tasty Recipes, was a fantastic success from day 1 and continued to be throughout my time with WP Tasty.

Web Development

In addition to managing the products for WP Tasty, I built and maintained the sales website. The site used WordPress as its framework, Easy Digital Downloads as its sales mechanism, and a completely custom theme and suite of functionality built with PHP, Sass, and Javascript.

I also managed the website as a product in and of itself, identifying areas for improvement, A/B testing changes, and iterating to improve conversion rates.

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