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I’m the CEO & Co-Founder of Brunch, a publishing and monetization platform for food influencers.

Download the app here.

A problem that needs solving

After spending nearly a decade in the recipe space, I left due to the dated, stagnant feel of the industry. I loved the people and the space, but the technology to serve the space was severely lacking, and it didn’t provide me the career growth I was looking for.

I spent the next few years doing b2b product management but could never truly escape the problems in the recipe industry. As an avid home cook, I was still constantly inundated with miles of text (SEO optimization) and endless flashing display ads. I loved recipes, and I loved cooking recipes from my favorite creators, but my god I hated their websites.

Eventually I couldn’t take it any more. The problems in the space continued to beckon me back, and the problems in the space changed from my constraints to my opportunity.

The problems stem from two main sources

My decade of experience in the recipe space left me with deep insights into why the recipe space operates as it does. It really comes down to two things:

  1. The fractured nature of the industry makes it appear very “cottage,” despite its ubiquity and large size (in the multiple billions per year).
  2. Most of the players in the space aren’t technologists. They’re cooks, artists, and creators.

This combination means that the industry hasn’t seen much startup attention, and creators have been left with the same old tools they’ve been using for two decades.

Brunch is the platform to let creators thrive

Brunch operates with two principles:

  1. Creators can focus on doing what they do best – creating content. Brunch does the rest, from technology to monetization.
  2. Home cooks get the best possible cooking and recipe experience.

This combination gives us a strong foundation to build off of. The recipe industry thrives off its creators, and giving them the support they deserve is what makes Brunch work.

Building the platform

I built the Brunch platform from scratch using React Native, GraphQL and Hasura, Node, and a bit of Python. It’s deployed on Digital Ocean with Docker.

We support all sorts of features, including importing recipes from across the web, a virtual recipe box, meal planning functionality, and shopping lists (that automatically populate from recipes). And that’s just for the home cooks!

Creators (and anyone, for that matter) can easily publish recipes and, once they get our approval, start charging subscriptions for access to their premium recipes. We use Google and Apple’s in-app payments functionality to make it super seamless.

We’re growing quickly

At the time of writing (which may be out of date as you read this), we’ve had over 5,000 downloads and dozens of subscriptions for our creators. We’re seeing amazing traction and we’re just getting started.

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