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Finding your Tileset ID

If you want your dataset to compile to a tileset so that you can use your dataset in a displayed map, you’ll need to create a tileset. To create a tileset, you’ll need to have at least one point in your dataset. Save your dataset ID in the Simple Mapbox Data settings, then publish one point. Then, follow the below steps to publish a tileset.

  1. Log in to your Mapbox account.
  2. Click “Studio” in the top navigation.
  3. Click “Tilesets” in the sub-navigation.
  4. Click “New Tileset.”
  5. Click “Create from Dataset”
    Create from Dataset option in Mapbox when creating a Tileset
  6. Select the Dataset, then click “Export Dataset.” You’ll see a notification in the bottom right corner with the export progress.
    Example of Mapbox upload progress
  7. When the export completes, you’ll see the tileset show up in your list of tilesets. Click the Menu button next to the tileset, then click the button to copy the tileset ID to your clipboard.
    The copy button for the Mapbox tileset ID
  8. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings -> Simple Mapbox Data and copy the Dataset ID into the appropriate field, then save your changes.
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