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Justification is not Prioritization

There’s this tendency in organizations that are just getting wind of this whole Product Management thing to want to use product management to affirm their already-held beliefs. I see justification happen in two forms: massaging and gaming. Let’s explore these a bit. Massaging the system Someone decides that it’s time to start really prioritizing things, …

How to Use the Kano Model for Feature Prioritization

The Kano Model is a valuable tool for product managers and entrepreneurs. Used properly, it can help you identify your product’s unique value proposition and help you prioritize which features to build first. In this article, I’ll cover: What is the Kano Model? When should it be used for prioritization? How can I put the …

How to Position Yourself to Move into Product Management

Getting your first product management job can be tough. The first thing you should be thinking about is how you are positioning yourself to break into the role.

Make Others Feel Understood

I’ve read a number of books lately on a variety of different subjects – product management, business, parenting, negotiation. There’s a common theme in all of them when it comes to dealing with people problems: Make that person feel heard and understood. Make them feel like you empathize with them. Make them feel like you …

How to Determine KPIs for Your Product using Vision-Oriented KPIs

KPIs are important health metrics for your product. But how do you know what to measure? Find out by using this Vision-Oriented KPI framework.

How to Create a Product Process from Scratch

I recently joined a new organization, Dozuki, as product manager. My role is the first official product management role they have hired for, and the product management duties were previously done by the CEO. At the time of my joining, no defined product management processes had been put into place, and it was up to …

Creating a Gatsby Front-End with a WordPress CMS

GatsbyJS is a relatively new website framework based on React that’s focused on creating incredibly fast websites. It does this by creating static pages at build time from whatever your preferred source, then serving up those static pages when requested. In addition, it has a number of other fancy techniques, including preloading other links on …

How to deploy create-react-app to Github Pages

You’d think it’d be super easy to deploy a simple app made with create-react-app to Github Pages, considering how common they both are. And while it is easy on a basic level, if you’re using React Router to create a single page app, it doesn’t work perfectly right out of the box. It is possible …

How to add class names to nested blocks in Gutenberg

Learn how to add classnames to nested blocks in Gutenberg.

How to Create Nested Blocks for Gutenberg

The power of Gutenberg lies in its blocks. Everything is a block.  But the coolest thing I’ve seen that you can accomplish with said blocks is nested blocks.  Nested blocks are blocks within blocks. You can have a single level of nesting, or you can even allow multiple levels of nesting – blocks within blocks within blocks. With …

Populous Map is Live!

Populous Map launched a few weeks ago, and I’m really excited and proud to see this project come to life. You can check it out here:¬†https://populousmap.com/ Some cool features this project uses: Simple Mapbox Data plugin Custom Mapbox map style Filtering of the map points by category select Filtering of the map points by tag …

The Building of Populous Map

Step 1: Understand the Problem Talk about what the site is, what it will do, what it will need. Step 2: Brainstorm solutions Think about how to best approach the problem. I was put in charge of the map only, not the rest of the site. So, I couldn’t build the map data functionality into …

How to Add Custom Cron Job in Dreamhost for WordPress

There are two reasons you may want to add custom cron jobs for your WordPress website: Your site is low-traffic and you want cron jobs to run regardless of whether or not someone visits the site Your site is high-traffic and checking if a cron job needs to be run every time someone visits the …

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