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Hi there!

I'm Raquel. Nice to meet you :)

I'm a product manager and front-end developer based in sunny San Luis Obispo, CA. I create products that customers love and that move businesses forward. I'm passionate about using data-driven techniques to discover the perfect products for the right market, then bringing those products to life.

A continual focus of mine is building amazing experiences for the mobile web, from blazing performance to progressive web apps to solid mobile user experiences. This, of course, translates to the desktop as well, where optimizations for mobile improve site performance overall and result in a seamless device-to-device experience for users.


I'm fluent in Javascript, PHP, and CSS, and I've used a number of different frameworks to build websites. My current favorite is ReactJS, particularly paired with GatsbyJS to make incredibly fast, static, JS-powered websites.

Picking up new frameworks and technologies comes easy to me. After all, it's not about what you know; it's what you can figure out. I pride myself in being able to figure out just about anything.


I'm currently a product manager at Dozuki, where we build software to help move manufacturing into the digital age. We work with enterprise companies like Pepsi, Patagonia, and Tiffany & Co to streamline their documentation and help them achieve and maintain ISO compliance.

Previously, I worked for the Food Blogger Pro family of brands, which includes Pinch of Yum, Food Blogger Pro, and WP Tasty, as a product manager and front-end web developer.

I've worked remotely since 2015, mostly from my home office. I love the freedom and independence of remote work, but I also thrive on interaction with my team.

I also build side projects in my spare time. You can see more about these on my Projects page.

Finally, I love helping other people learn to build stuff for the web. I previously volunteered time with bloggers to help them learn how to get their websites out into the world and seen by millions - and that's not an exaggeration. I also volunteer with a local coding education organization, CodeSLO, to help others in my community learn how to code. My time spent helping others is always a highlight in my day.

My Story

In 2009 I moved to San Luis Obispo to attend college at Cal Poly. I graduated with dual degrees in Molecular Biology and Microbiology, but I also started building my first websites in my spare time. A lifelong cook, I loved the idea of starting a food blog to share my kitchen creations. I started with a simple WordPress site and published to my heart's content.

I eventually wanted to change a few things about my website, so I searched around until I found the stylesheet and made some minor edits there. It was thrilling! Soon I was spending more time fiddling with my website than I was publishing, and I knew that working in the web was my calling.

After working as a microbiologist for a bit, I knew I needed to switch careers and do something more in line with my passions. I had been volunteering time on the Food Blogger Pro forums helping other bloggers with their website woes, and when the folks at Food Blogger Pro offered me a job, I jumped at the opportunity. I quickly moved from forum moderator to web admin to front-end developer to product manager. While my time with the Food Blogger Pro team has come to an end, I am so grateful for the opportunity Bjork and Lindsay gave me to explore and develop my passions for product management and front-end development.


Dedas, my black lab
My husband and me wearing bicycle helmets at Montana De Oro in Los Osos, CA

I don't do much with social media, so if you want to know more about me personally, here goes!

I'm the proud mom of two beautiful little girls named Kacey and Norah and dog mom to a black lap pup named Dedas.

I'm a trail runner and mountain biker and can never get enough of either.

I also love to cook and try new recipes. I find myself in the kitchen most nights making healthy-ish meals for my family. Feeding family and friends delicious food is one of my favorite things to do.

Get in Touch

I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to hello@raquelmsmith.com about projects you have in mind, other opportunities, or just to chat. I'm friendly and I love meeting new people!

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